With the announcement of the new GoPro Hero 5 Black, we were pretty excited to get our hands on the long anticipated update to the Hero 4 Black and see what improvements had been made and ultimately, whether it was worth upgrading from previous models of the ever popular GoPro range.

The one announcement that caught our eye as scuba divers was the Hero 5 now has waterproofing, down to 10 metres!
For underwater videographers, that is a big deal.

Although the specs hadn’t changed much, the new menu layout, integrated rear screen and bigger battery life all appeared to be notable improvements over the Hero 4 Black.

Once the battery was charged and we got comfortable with the new menu layout, it was time to test out that waterproofing as the GoPro Super Suit has not been made available in Oz at the time of writing this.
Hesitant at first, the camera was dunk tested very quickly and all seemed well so off we went for a dive to see what this little camera can do.

A few things to note from our initial findings, the battery life on the Hero 5 Black is a considerable step forward from the Hero 4 Black, which struggled to get 45 minutes out of a fully charged battery.
The Hero 5 Battery is giving us over 2 hours of run time on a single battery, no more having to swap batteries for a second dive or turn off the camera underwater to conserve battery.

The image stabilisation works reasonably well but is only available in 2.7k or lower resolutions and crops the image slightly.
Shooting high frame rates of say 50fps with image stabilisation should result in very smooth footage.

Whilst the camera is indeed waterproof to 10 metres, you can not operate the on/off or record button deeper than around 4 metres as the water pressure is forcing these buttons to stay depressed.
The only way to use the camera deeper than 4 metres, without the housing is to swim up to 4 metres, turn the camera on and then swim down to a maximum depth of 10 metres to film.
However you will need to swim back shallower than 4 metres to turn the camera off again.
The rear touch screen does not work underwater, however once the camera is placed inside the 60 metre waterproof housing, you have full control over all of the functions of the camera.
The Hero 5 does not fit in the Hero 4 Housing, so hopefully GoPro release the Super Suit Housing in the near future.

All in all, the Hero 5 Black is in our opinion worth the upgrade due to the battery life, image stabilisation and most importantly, the waterproofing.

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