DUAI is now a Nauticam dealer, as well as Ultralight and Weefine, plus we have more workshops and a free seminar on colour.

By December 8, 2016DUAI News

A lot of things have been happening at Down Under Aquatic Imaging over the last few weeks, so we thought it was time to update everyone on all of the latest news.

Since returning from DEMA a few weeks ago, DUAI has now become a dealer for several more brands.
We are now stocking products from Weefine, Ultralight and Nauticam.

Weefine have a great range of quality lights, both video and focus lights, plus housings for phones and several other accessory items like ring flashes and lenses.

Ultralight Control Systems or ULCS make a range of trays, arms, clamps and the list goes on. Having been in the industry for over 25 years, ULCS are a trusted brand that delivers a high quality product and is the go to brand for attaching something to just about anything. ULCS really do make a mount or fitting for almost anything, so if you are trying to piece together products from different manufacturers, come in store and check out the ULCS range.

Nauticam need no introduction. Most dive sites have a range of Nauticam housings strewn across the gearing up area as divers prepare to enter the water.
Nauticam make a comprehensive range of camera housings, lenses and accessories to cater for your underwater photography needs.

Come and see us to discuss your underwater photography requirements and check out our increased product range.

We have a film/edit workshop running on Thursday the 29th of December so if you are looking for something to do over the Christmas break, why not learn how to film underwater and then turn that footage in to a fun enjoyable video to share among your friends and family?

Finessing your footage. On Wednesday the 28th of December we will running the “Finessing your footage” seminar at 1pm.
In this seminar we will take a look at what colour is, what happens to colour underwater and ways we can help to restore the imbalance of colour in our videos.
This will also be followed up with a live demonstration of some basic colour grading and best of all, this seminar is FREE!!!
There is absolutely no reason to miss this seminar if you are in Sydney!

Keep an eye out for more announcements over the next few weeks as we still have more news to tell you about.
Cheers Pete.

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