1000 fps 4K Raw…….Yes Please……

By March 13, 2017Product Releases

1000fps in 4K Raw, look no further than the Phantom Flex 4K.

After some recent testing, DUAI is proud to offer the Phantom Flex 4K & Gates Underwater Products Housing combination, for filming that ultimate slow-motion scene you want to fulfil your action sequences!

The Phantom comes equipped with either Nikon or PL mount and a 2tb Cinemag and is capable of recording 1000fps in cinema 4K or 2000fps in HD and records as Raw .cine files, keeping as much latitude in the files as possible. This is especially useful for colour grading underwater video, where heavy colour corrections may be needed. In our testing phase, the .cine files hold up extremely well to major colour changes, as one would expect from a Raw file.

The Gates Underwater Products Housing to suit the Phantom, which has been nicknamed Hercules, due to it’s size, offers access to every button and menu setting on the Phantom.

Hercules has been fitted with SDI out for external topside monitoring by a DP etc, external power can be supplied topside through the housing for extended periods of use and also an Ethernet connection is possible via another bulkhead, for controlling the cameras settings via a computer.
Hercules also has a tripod for locking off those shots that need the upmost stability. It doesn’t matter whether you are shooting pool side, ocean or in a studio environment, Hercules and the Phantom will get the job done!

For pricing and availability, contact DUAI on 0450828446 or email info@duai.com.au and keep an eye out for some slow motion appetisers coming soon.



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