Starlite HD5 Monitor

By March 15, 2017Technology

DUAI is very proud to have recently become an official reseller of Transvideo products.

The association between Gates Underwater Products and Transvideo has been years in the making and Gates are now intergrating a housing shell for Transvideo’s Starlite HD5 monitor to be included in the soon to be released Pro Action housing.

Transvideo’s Starlite HD5 is also the monitor of choice for our rental Phantom Flex 4k housing and after recent sea trials using the Phantom and Starlite, we couldn’t be happier with the ease of use and more importantly the bright screen and crisp image displayed by the Starlite HD5.

H.264 proxies are able to be recorded on the Starlite HD5 for when dailies or rushes are needed by a DP, or for quick review of the footage.

The Starlite is an SDI only monitor so a D-Tap connection in to a V-Lock is the best way to power the monitor, however a battery mount is also available that mounts to the rear of the Starlite HD5 and will accept several popular batteries such as the Canon BP900 series.

If you are looking for an external monitor, consider the Starlite HD5.
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