Learn To Colour Grade
  • Are you looking to enhance the colours of your underwater footage and bring back the true colour of the reef, from your monotone images?
  • Have you been commissioned to grade your clients underwater masterpiece but not sure how to get the best results?
  • Do you want to learn more about the art of underwater colour manipulation?

DUAI offers a two day colour grading workshop that will teach you how to manipulate and deliver high quality underwater footage.

You will learn to use Black Magic Designs-DaVinci Resolve program throughout the workshop, in terms of both an editing and colour grading workflow.

Topics Include
  • Colour space differences between 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 and bit depth differences between 8bit and 10bit.
  • Dynamic range and protecting the highlights.
  • Conforming to legal ranges.
  • Round tripping between FCP, Avid MC, Premiere Pro etc.
  • Resolves node structure.
  • Luts, stills and power grades.
  • Monitoring waveforms, vector scopes and histogram.
  • Working in rec709/2020, DCP and HDR.
  • Colour wheels, curves, RGB mixer and matching to colour charts.
  • Balancing, primary and secondary grades.
  • Matching, tracking and keyframing.
  • Exporting, transcoding, archiving and much more.