Purosol Sport/Marine Cleaner was developed to meet the special needs of outdoor professions that are exposed to difficult elements. Along with NASA, Purosol Sport/Marine was designed with plant extracts to produce one of the most effective cleaners around.

Using cutting-edge technology that is environmentally friendly, enzyme-based Purosol is the first product of its kind to clean at the molecular level – neutralizing the bonds that dust, dirt, oil, and grime use to adhere to glass or plastic lens surfaces.

Unlike many other cleaning solvents, Purosol is completely safe and will not harm your lenses. This unique solution lasts longer than other solvents and is designed specifically for the demands of high-end multi-coated lenses.

Purosol is Based on State-of-the-Art Technology
Purosol's unique Enzyme-Based formula uses a process which quickly disrupts the molecular bonds that salt, grime, grease, dirt and mineral deposits use to adhere to surfaces
Purosol Will Not Destroy Your Lens
Unlike other products that use harmful ingredients like ammonia, alcohol, silicone, or solvents which ultimately strip the coating from your lenses, Purosol will not hurt your lenses. It contains only natural ingredients and is completely solvent-free
Purosol is Not Harmful to You
Unlike standard cleaning agents that can produce harmful fumes and cause allergies and health problems
Purosol Lasts Longer
Purosol has ingredients that neutralize static and repel dust and dirt, keeping your optical lenses clean longer
Purosol is Pure and Sterile
Purosol is a sterile aqueous solution manufactured in a Class 100 Clean Room. It is bacteria-free and exceeds federal EPA and OSHA health and safety standards



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