Sea & Sea

In January 2007, and aiming to be a unique company creating a diverse “everything in photographic/imaging communication” business that embraces customer satisfaction and happiness, we embarked on a new beginning.

The times and challenges sought by customers are becoming increasingly diverse and sophisticated. Consequently, what is now required is highly reliable solution capabilities underpinned by cutting-edge technology and abundant know-how. With these demands reflected in product development and services targeting all stakeholders, and based on objective evaluations from customers, we believe that carrying on with improvements in a prompt and high quality manner is supremely important.

Latest Products

  • ML Housing Body Cap

  • ML Rear Port Cover

  • ML Dome Port Cover

  • Left Grip Extension

  • Compact Dome Port Cover

  • NX Dome Port Cover

  • Wide Port Cover

  • Front Port Cover (L)

  • Front Port Cover (M)

  • Front Port Cover (S)

  • RDX Rear Port Cover

  • Rear Port Cover (L)