Announcing the Fiji Shark Reef / STO Expedition – a Gates, RED and DUAI event

A learning and diving experience par excellence: STO equipment, RED camera tutoring, professional underwater coaching, and post production training all while enjoying Fijian paradise and legendary diving at Shark Reef Marine Reserve.

The Fiji Shark Reef / STO Expedition really is all that. And more:

Sharks. Beqa Island and surrounds is legendary. Fijian hospitality, white sand beaches, rich tropical marine life, clear warm water. Rays, Trevally, Groupers… and sharks. Big sharks. Big friggin’ sharks.

Eight different species including Reef, Grey, Silvertip, Lemon, Tiger and Bull Sharks. The shark diving at Pacific Harbour is equally legendary.

Guides. Beqa Adventure Divers (B.A.D.) is the original Fiji shark diving operation. The staff is first rate, the finest shark wranglers and dive guides found anywhere. And those big sharks are encountered a mere 20 minutes from the B.A.D. wharf. (

Training. The shark action is a superb backdrop for extensive training on a variety of topics: 

  • Gates STO. Become proficient at Setup / Test / Operation of Gates cinemagrade rigs. Return home with a certification! Course details are here. 
  • RED camera. Garner in-depth understanding of the RED camera system and raw workflow throughout the week. Specific emphasis will be on DSMC2 camera setup considerations for success underwater.  Underwater cinematography. Your training staff is seasoned, accomplished professionals with extensive underwater film and television experience. Learn how to setup the shot, acquire for sequences, harness light, shoot for action, and much, much more. 
  • Color Correction and Grading. Among the various methods for handling the massive color loss experienced underwater is post production color grading. Editing and color correction software such as DaVinci Resolve are powerful tools for such purpose. Among the training staff is an expert colorist who can assist grading / color correction of those big friggin’ shark shots.

Trainers. The Fiji Shark Reef / STO Expedition training team is an assemblage of accomplished, seasoned professionals. Each brings unique, specialized skills to bear on your week of intense education. They are: 

  • Becky Kagan Schott. 5 time Emmy winning DoP, Professional Underwater Cameraman, Photographer and Tech Instructor.
  • Sean Ruggeri. One of the original RED Bomb Squad field technicians, Sean specializes in all things RED + underwater.
  • Pete Lightowler. Owner of Down Under Aquatic Imaging, Pete is a working underwater cameraman and recognized DaVinci Resolve colorist expert.

Sponsors / Supporters. Huge thanks to everyone helping make Fiji Shark Reefition a reality.

  • The Uprising Beach Resort for more than accommodations, but easy water access and comfort amenities.
  • Venus Optics providing Laowa 12mm rectilinear lenses. Perfect for big friggin’ sharks.
  • Blackmagic Design with DaVinci Resolve Mini and Micro workstation panels


Dates. 23-29 April, 2018

Accommodation. The Uprising Beach Resort / Pacific Harbour  Uprising Beach Resort

Pricing. $4700 Aus – EX FIJI. Includes 7 nights twin share accommodation, 5 days double boat dives, breakfast and dinner and event participation, including use of all camera/housing equipment.

Contact. Pete Lightowler / Down Under Aquatic Imaging.

The Fiji Shark Reef / STO Expedition will be legendary. Be part of the legend.


About DUAI: Founded with the desire to help people capture breathtaking images from the sea, Down Under Aquatic Imaging’s goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations through product sales, filming and post-production. We sell quality equipment and can guide you to the best available set-up for your needs. We have comprehensive knowledge in filming and a special interest in post production, in particular colour grading. With our in-depth understanding of the interaction of light and camera technology, we have a wealth of knowledge from which our customers can learn and utilise through our training programs.

We Sell, We Shoot, We Create….


About RED: RED Digital Cinema is a leading manufacturer of professional digital cameras and accessories. In 2006, RED began a revolution with the 4K RED ONE digital cinema camera. By 2008, RED released the DSMC (Digital Stills and Motion Camera) system that allowed the same camera to be used on features like the “The Hobbit” trilogy and “The Martian”, Emmy-winning shows like “House of Cards”, and magazine covers such as “Vogue” and “Harper’s Bazaar”. The cameras of RED’s DSMC2 line – RED RAVEN™, SCARLET-W, RED EPIC-W, and WEAPON – combine compact and lightweight design, modularity, superior image quality, and cutting edge performance – including up to 8K resolution.

“Shot on RED” is the official YouTube channel for RED Digital Cinema and showcases creative visionaries who use RED cameras to shoot their projects. Every video is viewable in 4K, showcasing the power and clarity of RED Digital Cinema’s cameras.

RED’s operatives Nate and Sean share about the people they meet, images they capture, and the occasional mayhem that takes place along the way on the Nate and Sean blog. Nate & Sean


About Gates Underwater Products, Inc: Since 1969, Gates Underwater Products has produced the world’s most reliable underwater imaging systems. Using ‘bulletproof” machined aluminum, 100% mechanical controls, time-proven design methods, and state-of-the-art manufacturing, Gates housings are built to satisfy the most demanding applications. Commercial divers, imaging professionals, marine researchers, salvage operators and military personnel all turn to Gates for the same reason: our “bulletproof” housings produce results 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That’s why they say:

Don’t take a Chance….Take a Gates!    

Gates Deep Weapon/Dragon
Red Helium Camera
Laowa 12mm Lens