Introduction To GoPro Video

New to Gopro? Having trouble editing video? Not sure what settings to use for the best results?

This one day workshop will teach you what settings to use on your Gopro, how to compose a pleasing image and how to shoot an engaging story, along with basic video editing skills.

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Introduction To Underwater Photography

After you get home from filming underwater, wouldn’t it be nice to have the skills to put together a show reel that has colour true to what you see underwater…

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DaVinci Resolve For The Underwater Videographer

DUAI offers a two day colour grading workshop that will teach you how to manipulate and deliver high quality underwater footage…

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Gates STO Fiji 2018

A learning and diving experience par excellence: STO equipment, RED camera tutoring, professional underwater coaching, and post production training all while enjoying Fijian paradise and legendary diving at Shark Reef Marine Reserve.

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